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With events and circumstances in the world today being what they are, energy is on nearly everyone's mind. Increasing demand for energy world-wide, tightening supply, environmental concerns over energy usage and how we produce it causes us all to think about the future of energy in the world.

Renewable Energy Resources is a full-service solutions provider of renewable energy and high-efficiency systems to the residential and commercial markets. Solar power, wind power, and ultra high-efficiency heating and cooling with ground source heat pumps (geoexchange) are our specialties. We also are Idaho's premier dealer of the Hallowell all-climate heat pump. As a Maytag Select dealer, we can provide the industry's finest and most efficient conventional furnaces, air-conditioners, and air-source heat pumps. Expertise in radiant floor hydronic heating, solar hot-water collectors, whole-house back-up power systems and other energy solutions make Renewable Energy Resources the one-stop shop for all of your energy saving or energy producing needs.

What renewable energy source is for you?

Application potential for renewable energy is tremendous and although specific technologies are highly dependant on the individual situation, our energy experts can customize a solution to fit your needs and goals. Whether a ground source heat pump in a new home, an all-climate heat-pump in a mountain cabin, a solar power array on a town-home in the city, or a remote wind-powered pumping station for livestock, our energy consultants can meet with you to discuss options and make recommendations, as well as provide a free estimate.

At Renewable Energy Resources, our focus is on providing our customers with the highest quality equipment, components, and installation. Each system is carefully considered and designed to meet the goals of the individual application.

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